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I asked Jenny if there has been any change to reports regarding hours worked . She said she spoke to her superior and was told that there man concern was everyone getting their training completed and sent in .
I asked if there was any discussion regarding hours worked during the current health situation, or consideration that Constables may not be able typical scheduled hours depending upon department or officers concerns.
So, at this point the focus seems to be on the assuring that all Constables fulfill their training requirements and send in all documents , if they have no not done so already.
At this point, work hours may not be as available as they were and may affect constable hours at the Officer level or Department level.
As we are in the July-September Quarter, I can only suggest the following:
1) Make sure your Training has been completed and all documents sent to Ms. Long immediately. 
2) If you are allowed to work with your local departments. send in hours work sheet to Ms. Long as in the past for any hours worked.
3)  If you are not allowed to work due to department policy, or due to any concerns expressed by Officers you typically work with …I would suggest you still send in a quarterly report  simply stating work hours were not available to you.
Lou……it would be appropriate to provide this information as limited as it is on the Web Site .
Item 1 is a must be done .Item 2 is a standard and necessary requirement.Item 3 is suggested simply to inform SLED that you were not able to work hours for the Quarter.   ( Simply letting SLED know you were and are available)   
Thank you 
Bruce McKenna


June 2020 LEN Checkpoint


As of now, we have a scheduled checkpoint on Thursday, June 11th in North Myrtle Beach. The briefing will be at 18:00 hours at 1015 2nd Ave S in North Myrtle Beach; the east side parking lot of the NMB DPS building. The checkpoint will begin at 19:00 hours and conclude no later than 23:00 hours. This is a checkpoint only, no meeting.


I will keep everyone informed to any changes between now and then.


The employees of the City of Myrtle Beach are a diverse group of individuals who blend their unique talents to create the most effective, elite team of public servants in South Carolina.
Joseph R. West Jr.  

Master Corporal – 15th Circuit LEN Coordinator

p: 843-918-1398
PO Drawer 2468
Myrtle Beach, SC 29578-2468

New Law Enforcement

Support Services (LESS)


It is my honor to announce, effective January 17, 2019 Brent Kelly will be the new Law Enforcement Support Services (LESS) manager for the Office of Highways Safety and Justice Programs of the SC Department of Public Safety.  Please join me in congratulating Brent.


Captain Russell J. Wilson

Special Programs Manager

Office of Highway Safety and Justice Programs

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

PO Box 1993

Blythewood, SC 29016

Office: 803-896-7822

Mobile: 803-206-6819




Amy Prock

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 10.51.18 PM

Myrtle Beach Police Chief

Click on the link below to hear Chief Prock discus New Plans for Public Safety

The Myrtle Beach Police Department new plans for public safety



For Your Information


SLED Constable and Retired Agent Course Site


Sherry O’konek

The upgrade to the SLED Constable and Retired Agent course site went as planned and the site is back up again.   The website has a new design but functions just the same as before.  The website URL and your login information also remain the same.  Please note that the login area is at the upper right corner of the page.

At your convenience, please take the time to login and look around.  There is also important new content from SLED – Moving Vehicles and Deadly Force: Policy Update. You’ll find it in the SLED Policy Updates category.  The enrollment key for that course is: SLEDPUMV

If you need to find a course in which you are enrolled, you can click on “My Courses” dropdown on the navigation bar at the top of the page – AND – there is a new block to the left of your course content called “My enrolled courses” and you’ll see all your courses listed there. You can also return to the Home page using the “Home” link on the navigation bar.  The instruction guides will be updated sometime next week but as stated before, the website has a new design but the site functions the same as before.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact ETV Education’s Customer Support at: