Welcome to SC State Constable Alliance – District 6

South Carolina State Constable Alliance web site, servicing Constables and Law Enforcement Agencies of:

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If you are a Constable consider joining our organization to receive access to training, service opportunities, and important news and information.

Benefits of Membership:

 Free SLED required annual training and professional
development training.


 Free annual firearms qualifications.

 Access to important information and updates concerning

 Most current information on work assignments and service

 Regularly scheduled meetings with guest speakers from local
Law Enforcement Agencies providing training, and sharing
their Law Enforcement experience.

 Building professional relationships and networking between
Constables and local Law Enforcement Agencies.

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To be announced at discretion of Director, 1830, at the Dayton House Resort, 24th and North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Dayton House